TWO ON TAP brings audiences back in time to an era when couples like Fred & Ginger and Mickey & Judy filled the silver screen with undeniable chemistry, effortless harmony, and precision tap dancing. Gorgeous vocals, exciting choreography, and unique musical arrangements all take center stage in three different two-act shows which have entertained tens of thousands worldwide!

"Our audience absolutely loved the show! I've never heard such universal praise and thanks for an attraction!"
-Executive Director, Grand Opera House; Dubuque, Iowa


The All-Singing, All-Dancing Tap Sensation!

TWO ON TAP brings variety to the mainstage in a world-class headline act filled with timeless melodies from the Great American Songbook, fantastic vocals, gorgeous costumes, and exciting tap-dancing. Since debuting in February 2010, this one-of-a-kind duo has performed at hundreds of venues worldwide while fulfilling one important mission: to breathe new life into classic song-and-dance with clever arrangements, a meaningful connection to the audience, and signature high-energy routines.

Educational outreach and helping to create "tomorrow's audience" are an important part of TWO ON TAP, with school and community programs being incorporated into nearly every touring itinerary. Audition workshops for aspiring high-school theatre performers. mini-concerts for youngsters showcasing fundamental music curriculum objectives, and the critically-acclaimed "Tea for Two Outreach" bringing local dance studios onstage with the stars of the show have all sparked renewed interest in what some had considered a "lost" art form. Visit the Booking page for more information on the all-singing, all-dancing tap sensation: TWO ON TAP!

"Enchanting, energetic, and simply adorable. Their rhythm, style, humor, and Broadway flair left the audience elated!"
-New Orleans Times-Picayune; New Orleans, Louisiana